Warning! Lightning!
Warning! Lightning!
Warning! Lightning! (in the circle) in the World Map.
World location World 6
Previous level Chomp Chomp Panic 2
Next level The Future of UFO's

or Really Big Jump

 WarningLightning(警告!ライトニング! Keikoku! Raitoningu!) is the third level of World 6. This is also the first fort introduced in World 6.

This is the fifteenth level to have a secret exit.

The LevelEdit

The level is somewhat puzzling. In the first room of the level, there are electric currents which are given time to appear and dissappear. At the end of the room, there are ! blocks that will help you from the fall if you switched Blue Switch Palace. At the next room, the path leads to the three bosses in the level. To defeat the level, you must either defeat the 2 bosses in this level that unlocks the normal exit or the other boss that unlocks the secret exit.

Secret ExitEdit

You will need a cape. In the second room, when you first encounter a splitway in the level, take the upper path. Then fly until you reach the top which is a star. Use that star to progress the path of the secret exit which is the lower path of the splitway in the level. At the end of that path is a warp pipe which leads you to the boss path of Giant Wiggler which will trigger the secret exit if you defeat him.

Dragon CoinsEdit

All Dragon Coins appear before the warp pipe which leads to the boss path of Giant Chomp.


  1. Chain Chomp
  2. Wiggler


Purple Devil

The purple devil is a suboss in this level. He first appears in the battle as several pieces which combines to form him, after which tries to hit you with some white orbs and seperates himself and form again in the other side of the arena. After which, he will leave a block as the last piece goes to the other side. Hit the block on the eye. Do so 3 times, as he will fade into the background.

Giant Chomp

Giant Chomp is a boss in this level. He will fall out of the sky and releases a Banzai Bill and a Green Paratroopa. Use the paratroopa's shell to hit Giant Chomp. This will turn him red and rampage around the arena. After which, will roar to the sky and fall down again. Do this 3 times, as the last hit makes him cry and fade into the background.

Giant Wiggler

Giant Wiggler is the other boss in this level. If you defeat him, you will unlock the secret exit. To defeat him, just stomp his head 3 times, as the last stomp reveals the key. Use the key to the keyhole in the boss arena.


The tiles and graphics came from Milky Way Wishes while the electric currents came from Seiken Densetsu 3.


"Castle" from Super Mario World is played throughout the level.

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