The Future of UFO's
The Future of UFO's
The Future of UFO's (in the circle) in the World Map.
World location World 6
Previous level Warning! Lightning!

or Twin Lifts

Next level Roy the Crafty

or Yellow Switch Palace

 The Future of UFO's (UFOの未来 Yūfō no mirai) is the seventh level of World 6. A Mega Man and Kirby reference level, this is the level after Warning! Lightning! or Twin Lifts.

This is the eighteenth level to have a secret exit.

The LevelEdit

As mentioned above, this level is a Mega Man and Kirby reference. Mainly, UFO's are needed for transportation in the first stage, although they shoot lasers. There are also ! blocks in this level if you switch Blue Switch PalaceGreen Switch Palace and Red Switch Palace. At the second stage, enemies from Kirby can be seen, and flying UFOs too. If you get sucked by a UFO, you will teleport at the beginning of the second stage. There are 2 exits in this level, through a goal or a boss.

Secret ExitEdit

At the end of the level is a red UFO. Let it beam you up, and you'll enter a small high-tech area with a notebox stating that Mario/Luigi must use the Leaf Shield to beat Dr. Wily. Go through the teleporter and beat Dr. Wily to open the secret exit.

Dragon CoinsEdit

Dragon Coin 1Edit

Can be seen at the first pair of blue ! blocks.

Dragon Coin 2Edit

At the top of a set of red ! blocks, you need a UFO to reach it.

Dragon Coin 3Edit

At the end of a long botomless pit. Again, you need a UFO to reach it.

Dragon Coin 4Edit

Near a pit, guarded by a bomber.

Dragon Coin 5Edit

At the end of the second stage.


  1. UFO
  2. Bomber


Wily Capsule

Dr. Wily (in his capsule) is the boss of this level. He attacks with four laser balls, but the laser balls have varying elements: ice, fire, and electricity, followed by four huge thunder balls. Use the Leaf Shield 8 times, as the last hit explodes him.


The tiles and graphics mainly came from Mega Man 7.


"Piano" from Super Mario World is played throughout the level.