The cartoon art of a Rex.
First Game Super Mario World (1990)
Homeland Dinosaur Land
Attack(s) Walking into Mario/Luigi's direction
Defeated by Jumping on it twice

 A Rex is a purple and orange dinosaur who inhabits Dinosaur Land and other places. 



Rexes are notable for their horn and fang, and they also wear big red shoes, similar to Yoshi. A recurring trait with all Rexes are their compressive bodies, as their stature becomes flatter when jumped upon. They first appeared in Super Mario World


Super Mario seriesEdit

Brutal MarioEdit

Rexes are rare enemies in Brutal Mario who, just as Goombas, put no effort into attacking Mario other than walking into his direction. In order to defeat a Rex, Mario would need to jump on it twice. After being jumped on once, a Rex will simply become flattened and move slightly quicker. A Spin Jump would destroy them with one hit. A Rex could also be defeated by shooting a fireball, hitting it with a cape or running into it while using a Starman. Rexes can also be eaten by Yoshi.