Iggy the Crazy
4 - 8

Japanese Name:

 Chihō shou Igī



Previous Level:

Maze Cave 1

Next Level:

Dread Homing Bill

Alternate Level:



The level is dark, Squawks will shine light until you reach the point where you will battle him. After beating him, the level isn't dark anymore.


Koopa Troopa, Podoboo, Thwomp, Gray Bowser Statue, Hot Head, Li'l Sparky, Climbing Koopa, Magikoopa, Grinder


Squawks, Iggy Koopa

Power-Ups & Items:

Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Cape Feather


500 seconds

 Iggy the Crazy (ちほうしょうイギー / Chihō shou Igī  Lit: Demential Iggy) or Iggy's Castle is the third castle in Brutal Mario, belonging to Iggy Koopa. It is also the last level of the Cave. The level has no secret exit.
Iggy's Castle

Iggy the Crazy (in the circle) in the world map.

The LevelEdit

In this level, you are being helped again by Squawk. Instead of carrying you, he shines a flashlight to see the way. In the first room, there are a bunch of enemies and obstacles in the room. At some point of the room, Squawk will fight you because he's tired of doing Mario's way. At the end of the room, there's a Midway Point and a door leading to the next room. At the next room, a screen border featuring Iggy can be seen, and there's the troublesome auto-scroll. Just proceed until the end of the room. Afterwards, you will battle the bosses, so be careful.

Demos it appears in:Edit

  • Demo 6
  • Demo 7
  • Demo 7.5
  • demoOnly1 (unplayable)

The Dragon Coins.

Dragon CoinsEdit

All Dragon Coins appear at the sides of the boss door of Iggy Koopa.


  • Koopa Troopa
  • Podoboo
  • Thwomp
  • Gray Bowser Statue
  • Hot Head
  • Li'l Sparky
  • Climbing Koopa
  • Magikoopa
  • Grinder



Squawks originates from Donkey Kong Country 2. To defeat him, just stomp him on the head. 

Iggy KoopaEdit

Originates from Super Mario Bros. 3. Iggy will occasionally throw magic from his wand attempting to hit Mario. To defeat him, use the yellow koopa's shell from Iggy's wand to hit Iggy. Do so 3 times, as which he will fly off.


The door (where Mario is facing) that leads to the orb.

Orb LocationEdit

At the second room, pay attention to the left side of the screen. You'll notice a door guarded by a Magikoopa. Enter the door, and there's the Orb.


For the first room, the level uses tiles from Super Mario World. At the second room, the level uses tiles from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. At the boss room, the level uses graphics from Crystal Snail's stage in Mega Man X2 and the ice background from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.


In Demo 6 & 7Edit

"Castle" from Super Mario World is played throughout the level.

In Demo 7.5 & demoOnly1Edit

"Dr. Wily Stage 2" from Mega Man 3 is played throughout the level.