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The GrasslandWorld 1 (そうげん / Sōgen  Lit: Praire) is the first world that Mario encounters. This is also where the game begins.


The Grassland is very small compared to other worlds in Brutal Mario. It is a grassland with a beach on the south side and a plateau on the east side. Yoshi's House is located in the center and Lemmy the Hermit is on the plateau. Lemmy Koopa resides in this world.


Scrapped LevelsEdit


  • Graphics from Super Mario World
  • Graphics from Chrono Trigger


Grassland uses the overworld graphics from Super Mario World, just like the other worlds.

Custom GraphicsEdit

Grassland, which is part of the Overworld, uses graphics from Chrono Trigger's Overworld maps, the mountain's cliffside using graphics from the 65000000 BC (Prehistory) map, the World number sign using the tablet graphics (that point out the time period Crono is at), and the remainder of the graphics coming from the 1000 AD (Present) map.


Grassland uses "Title Screen" from Super Mario World, just like the other worlds in the Overworld map.

Custom MusicEdit

Grassland, like the other worlds in the Overworld map uses "Peaceful Days" from Chrono Trigger.


  • The level Journey's End was scrapped since the release of Demo 7.5 due to extreme flashes, and was replaced by the level Beautiful Flight .
  • This is the first world to have a Switch Palace.