Frozen Cave
Frozen Cave
Frozen Cave (in the circle) in the World Map.
World location World 6
Previous level Northern Resort
Next level Gourmet Boo

or Four-Color Fort

 Frozen Cave (凍結された洞窟 Tōketsu sa reta dōkutsu) is the second level of World 7. An underwater level, this is the level after Northern Resort.

This is the nineteenth level to have a secret exit.

The LevelEdit

Mentioned above, it is an underwater level, but this level is not just your ordinary underwater stage, it changes after completion of the level. From water, to ice.  At the beginning of the level are 2 prize boxes. The first is a Yoshi egg while the other is a Fire Flower. Just keep going straight until you reach the goal. But this isn't the end yet.

Secret ExitEdit

Now, instead of the level being full of the water, it is now, ice. The floor is slippery. Although almost everything in the level hasn't changed, the enemies have. But fortunately, again, just keep going straight until you are near the goal. Before the goal, there are 3 empty boxes. Smash them, and you'll find yourself in a path leading to the back of the goal which contains a key and a keyhole. Use them to activate the secret exit.


  1. Blurp
  2. Cheep Cheep
  3. Urchin
  4. Torpedo Ted
  5. Piranha Plant
  6. Volcano Lotus
  7. Hammer Bro.
  8. Swooper


This level uses the cave graphics from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and the underwater background from Super Mario World.


The first music used in this level is "Water Level", however, if the first stage of the level is complete, "Cave Drums" is the music for the rest of the game. Both sounds came from Super Mario World.