Fire Flower
First Game Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Appearances Nearly all Mario Games
Found In Question Block(s) and as some rewards.
Effects Turns Mario/Luigi into Fire Mario/Fire Luigi

Fire Flowers are one of the many power-ups obtainable in the Mario series. The Fire Flower turns Mario or Luigi into Fire Mario/Fire Luigi, giving him the ability to throw bouncing fireballs at the enemy. The Fire Flower first appeared in Super Mario Bros.

Appearances Edit

Super Mario series Edit

The Fire Flower powerup grants Mario the ability to throw fireballs, allowing him to defeat enemies from a distance as well as defeat enemies he otherwise cannot defeat as Super Mario or Small Mario. The fireballs follow a downward trajectory and bounce along the ground until they hit something or disappear off the screen. Only two fireballs may exist on screen at one time, so the player must wait for previous ones to disappear before throwing more.

In Brutal Mario, the Fire Flower has a different appearance and behavior. When enemies are hit by fireballs, they not immediately defeated but rather turned into coins. These coins must then be picked up by Mario in order for the enemies to count as being permanently defeated, otherwise the enemies will reappear at their starting positions.