Chomp Chomp Panic 1
Chomp Chomp Panic 1
Chomp Chomp Panic 1 (in the circle) in the World Map.
World location World 5
Previous level Rickety Race
Next level Where is This?

or Gourmet Boo

 Chomp Chomp Panic 1 (ムシャムシャパニック1 Mushamushapanikku 1) is the seventh level of World 5 . A sky themed level, this is the level after Rickety Race.

This is the thirteenth level to have a secret exit.

The LevelEdit

The level is really annoying. Because of Chain Chomps. There are 2 stages in this level. At the end of the first stage, there's a Midway Point. At the start of the second stage, there's a sign which means there are Chomps in the area and a green ! box if you switched Green Switch Palace. To reach the goal, you must encounter a goal point question sphere or the secret exit with the help of Chomps.

Secret ExitEdit

Do everything in the normal exit until you reach the stage with the stone blocks. Find the key and let the Chomps eat the stone blocks that surrounds the key. Get the key and proceed through the green warp pipe which leads you to the keyhole.

Dragon CoinsEdit

Dragon Coin 1Edit

Next to a Green Paratroopa

Dragon Coin 2Edit

Surrounded by stone blocks, you will need the help of a Chomp.

Dragon Coin 3Edit

Also surrounded by stone blocks, again you will need the help of a Chomp.

Dragon Coin 4Edit

Also surrounded by stone blocks, a little farther than Dragon Coin 3.

Dragon Coin 5Edit

Just below Dragon Coin 4, yet again surrounded by stone blocks.


  1. Red Koopa
  2. Chain Chomp
  3. Red Paratroopa
  4. Rex
  5. Green Koopa
  6. Green Paratroopa
  7. Chomp


The level uses tiles and graphics from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


The level uses "Here we Go!" for the first and second stages while "Piano" is played in the room with the keyhole and the goal point question sphere. Both sounds came from Super Mario World.