Levels are the parts of each world that Mario journeys through. There are 84 levels in all.

Types of LevelsEdit

Normal Level

A normal level is the default design for levels. The player must traverse these levels in order to unlock the next level. Normal levels resemble yellow ovals on the ground.

Double Exit Level

Double Exit levels are just like normal levels, except hat they have a second, secret exit. Double Exit levels resemble red ovals on the ground.

Enemy Bases

An enemy base is a special kind of a level. The player must traverse these bases in order to unlock the next world or level. Enemy Bases may be a Koopaling Castle, a Ghost House or a Fort.

Koopaling Castle

Koopaling Castles are the castles at the end of each world. Each Koopaling Castle houses a different Koopaling. Koopaling Castles also usually hold Doors, a Red Door, a Dragon Orb, a Suboss, and sometimes a Secret Exit. Koopaling Castles look like large stone towers with a sign with the World number next to it.

Ghost House

Ghost Houses are special levels filled with Boos. Big Boo will sometimes appear as a boss in Ghost Houses. Ghost Houses resemble wooden houses.


Forts are special levels that only appear three times. Forts usually contain multiple Doors and are mazelike. Forts usually end with a battle against a boss.

Switch Palaces

Switch Palaces are also special levels that appear four times in different colors. If switched, the corresponding colored outlines will become colored boxes depending on which Switch Palace you switch. Switch Palaces can NEVER be unswitched if switched already.

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