Boss Bass Bridge
2 - 1

Japanese Name:

Tsuri Makuri



Previous Level:

Lemmy the Hermit

Next Level:

Unfinished Bridge (Normal Exit)
Tide Cave (Secret Exit)

Alternate Level:



Boss Bass targeting Mario/Luigi


Koopa Paratroopa, Volcano Lotus, Super Koopa, Pokey



Power-Ups & Items:

Super Mushroom, Fire Flower


300 seconds

Boss Bass Bridge (つりまくり / Tsuri Makuri  LitRolled Fishing) is the first level of the Forest. A sky level, where Mario is chased by a hungry Boss Bass.

It has two exits, with the normal exit leading to Unfinished Bridge, while the secret exit leads to Tide Cave.


Boss Bass Bridge (in the circle) in the world map.

The LevelEdit

Boss Bass Bridge is the first part of the bridge in the Forest map. This is one of the levels that overrun the Bay world, the other one being Unfinished Bridge. Due to it being set in high altitudes, it puts a bit more focus in platforming. Just keep going right until you reach the goal. If you switched already Blue Switch Palace, the pits near the end are covered with blue ! blocks.

Secret ExitEdit

Play through the level until you reach a colorful structure made of cement blocks containing the key and keyhole. Go under the structure, and spin-jump on the Boss Bass to reach the Key, then use the Key to the Keyhole.

Demos it appears in:Edit

  • Demo 6
  • Demo 6.5
  • Demo 7
  • Overworld Demo
  • demoOnly1
  • Dragon Coin # 1
  • Dragon Coin # 2
  • Dragon Coin # 3
  • Dragon Coin # 4
  • Dragon Coin # 5

Dragon CoinsEdit

Dragon Coin 1Edit

Under the first Volcano Lotus, on a cloud.

Dragon Coin 2Edit

Near Dragon Coin 1, guarded by a Pokey.

Dragon Coin 3Edit

On top of the second Volcano Lotus.

Dragon Coin 4Edit

Dragon Coin 4 is in a platforming section near the end.

Dragon Coin 5Edit

Right before the goal.


  • Boss Bass
  • Koopa Paratroopa
  • Volcano Lotus
  • Super Koopa
  • Pokey



Boss Bass Bridge uses graphics from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island's sky levels. The Boss Bass uses graphics from the All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 3.


The music used in this level is "Piano" from Super Mario World.

Custom MusicEdit

The music used in this level is BGM 5D: "Freiluftmusik" from SaGa Frontier 2.