• PrincessPeach789

    Well, this is it. Only a few days left before Christmas! The wiki is also going to be a year old now. The wiki is really glad that it dramatically improved since the last year and is still improving! I, as an admin, am also glad that the wiki improved. I hope that the years will come, The Brutal Mario Wiki will be one of the comprehensive sources of the game created by the mysterious hacker named Carol.

    Have a Merry Christmas!


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  • PrincessPeach789


    April 13, 2014 by PrincessPeach789

    Sorry guys, our wiki didn't produce much articles lately, so please guys, if any chance, help us add these following articles if your'e willing to:

    1. World 7
    2. All Levels of World 7
    3. World 8
    4. All Levels of World 8
    5. World 9

    We hope this articles will be produced! Thank you for cooperating.

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  • PrincessPeach789

    It first started off with me thinking Mario was a dumbass plumber, when Bowser kidnapped me, Mario attempted to save me and successfully he did. I was very grateful to him. By the time I made him king, his tyrannical rule over the Mushroom Kingdom regressed it into a land of ruin and starvation. When Mario told me he will rebuild the Mushroom Kingdom by overthrowing  Bowser's kingdom, I said: "I no longer trust you Mario". So, Mario resigned being king and I never saw him again.........

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  • Mr. Idiot

    Questions on Brutal Mario

    December 31, 2013 by Mr. Idiot

    Answer : Brutal Mario is the most popular and distributed ZSNES ROM today, created by Carol .

    Answer : There are currently 11 worlds.

    Answer : Due to it's HUGE amount of bosses, it's custom music, and it's ASM sprites.

    Answer : There are currently 79 available levels.

    Answer : The whole game will be glitchy, may even crash.

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