Big Boo Boss
Big Boo Boss
Mario against Big Boo Boss (in Intangible House).


Intangible House
The Cursed Mansion
Four-Room House


Super Mario World

Previous Boss:

Lemmy Koopa

Next Boss:

3: Big Boo Boss
3: Boom Boom (Scrapped)
4: Mecha Mario
11: Boom Boom

Big Boo Boss is a recurring boss that appears in Intangible House, The Cursed Mansion, and Four-Room House. It is the third, fourth, and eleventh boss fought in the game.


Big Boo Boss originated from Super Mario World, exactly how it was.

In BattleEdit

  • Big Boo Boss in Intangible House
  • Big Boo Boss in The Cursed Mansion
  • Big Boo Boss in Four-Room House

Big Boo Boss will fly around the screen. When he gets hit, he turns invisible, becoming invincible to any hit.


Intangible HouseEdit

In order to deal damage, the player must hit the Boo with a blue block. After three hits, the Boo will be defeated.

The Cursed MansionEdit

Before fighting the Boo, the player must collect all the Dragon Coins. Hit the Boo first with a Koopa shell, then the two blue blocks (spin jump the regular bricks to access them).

Four-Room HouseEdit

Instead of using blue blocks, the player must used various objects that are throwable:

  • A P-Switch
  • A Key
  • A Koopa shell (must be unlocked)